1790, the world’s largest port and heart of an empire, Liverpool today is a rejuvenated city with a dynamic nightlife, trendy docklands and a huge student population. Liverpool’s history of music, commerce and football dominates the buildings’ architecture. Yet. the city was also once a huge distiller of gins, vodka and malt whisky to rival London, Plymouth or Bristol.
The craft of Liverpool Gin distilling has been resurrected by Lora Hemy, Head Distiller,
as she practices her art on a shiny copper pot still from Holstein.
Handcrafted from the finest organic botanicals, Liverpool is a small-batch English gin that recreates the flavours of the past with a fruity and aromatic gin.
Ingredients such as coriander, angelica, citrus and handpicked juniper berries result in a gin with a well-balanced nose,
complex flavours and a long finish.

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