In a little over 35 years, what is now Halewood International Holdings PLC
has grown to become the UK’s largest independent drinks manufacturer and distributor,with a turnover of £231 million, selling over 20 million cases each year and exportingto over 90 countries. Employing just under 1,000 drinks specialists worldwide, the HalewoodInternational Group has five operations outside the UK – South Africa, China, Thailand, Ireland and Romania.

S.E.A Beverage is the distributor of Halewood Wines & Spirits, the UK’s largest independent drinks maker which currently exports to over 95 countries. It was established in Thailand in 2015 and with access to Halewood’s vast product portfolio across many drinks categories, it markets and distributes a number of premium spirits in Thailand.

We look forward to introducing these drinks to our customers who seek new and exciting drinks experiences.

S.E.A. Beverage ( Thailand ) is the distributor of Halewood Wines & Spirits. Our portfolio includes a wide range of premium spirits, beers, and premium tonic waters.